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Shapa Health platform with coaching improved engagement for diabetes prevention 

Utilization of the Shapa Health platform through the Shapa numberless scale and digital health management program in partnership with coaching optimized virtual care with improved outcomes and engagement for diabetes prevention

Shapa Health virtual platform enhanced member engagement

Shapa Health behavior change platform improves health and delivers sustained member engagement for employers and insurance

The scientific reasons why people should break up with their standard bathroom scales

A study with a population of lower income and obese individuals showed significant potential for the importance of providing information about weight and progress in a way that helps individuals understand the relationship between cause and effect, reduces confusion, and eliminates demotivation.  

Shapa Behavioral Change Platform

Overview of the capabilities and outcomes achieved through the Shapa platform that leverages the numberless scale and digital program delivered via app. 

Shapa Blood Pressure Program

The Shapa Health’s cardiovascular program leverages a wireless blood pressure cuff and digital app. Through the digital app experience members and clinicians gain improved insights when screening for and managing hypertension. 

Shapa Congestive Heart Failure Program

Digital virtual weight monitoring tool and behavior change digital program to more effortlessly screen for early signs of an exacerbation and improve outpatient symptom and disease management. 

ClearStep powered by Shapa

Virtual weight monitoring tool that reduces anxiety through an entirely numberless, no feedback weigh-in process for clients.  Clinicians gain access to real time health data and insights through the clinician portal, making decisions for treatment plans that much easier.