Shapa BP

Home blood pressure monitoring and cardiovascular health management and behavior change program

Shapa Health wireless blood pressure monitor paired with the Shapa BP health management digital app increases member engagement, drives behavior change, and enhances virtual care.

Improve cardiovascular risk screening and management of diagnosed hypertension to lower healthcare costs and optimize plan and policy matching.

Shapa BP members stay more engaged with management of their heart health plus more frequent and consistent blood pressure checks.

Care teams can make informed decisions on care through insights and analytics of blood pressure trends as well as other health data through the Shapa Health portal.

Improve Screening For and Management Of Hypertension

Prevalence of subtypes of hypertension in individuals followed at outpatient centers:


White coat hypertension (WCH)


Masked hypertension (MH)

For Employers and Insurance Providers

The Shapa BP numberless approach is ideal for screening for both masked hypertension and white coat hypertension by encouraging consistency with ambulatory or home monitoring blood pressure regimens. 

The Shapa BP classic approach encourages continual monitoring and management of all subtypes of hypertension. It can aid in clinical decision making for appropriate medication management and fosters behavior change to improve one’s heart health.

Easy Access to Data

Shapa BP allows for easy integration with the Shapa Health platform

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Comprehensive reporting
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Trend monitoring and customizable alerts
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Plug-and-play solution
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Supports care teams

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